Wall of Remembrance

16 June '98
We lost a friend and fellow biker, Jason Parker.
He will be missed by Deon & Mandy.

We sadly lost another member of THE BREED's.
Jason Parker : Died tragically on 16 June 1998
Farewell to a wonderful friend and fellow Biker
May you rest in Peace

Mike Carson (Monarchs MCC) and Des Bekker (Wild Bunch) were sadly taken from us at the Impala Rally 98.
They will be missed.
Satan Saints JHB

I would like to place on record a tribute to those who rode with me and died wearing my Patch. They are irreplaceable.
Rob Parry - 1981
Alan Lamb - 1981
Paul Smith (UK) - 1982
Jimmy Mc Laughlin - 1984
Timmy Taylor - 1984
Raymond Strauss - 1984
Arthur Jenkins - 1984
They are eternally remembered.
Jubes and the Survivors

Godfrey Lang - Died 1996
Leo Carstens - Died 1997
Jason Henks - Died 1997
"They will always ride on in the hearts and souls of THE BREED'S"

Carol Pence, died 28 November 1995.
Remembered, loved, and missed by her family.

Marla Garber, died 29 June 1995 in Connecticut USA...managing editor of SuperCycle magazine.
Marla, you touched people's lives you didn't even know and you are missed.
Remembered by Jason Pence "Da Bugg" and a whole lot of friends.

Bobby Mills passed away at the '97 Springbok Rally.
We miss you Bob!
Remembered by Mandy & Deon

Deon "Skollie" died 19 June 1992.
Remembered by Zapman, The Thunderbirds and Friends.


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